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Skippy watch

16 days in the country and here are the current Kangaroo sightings:

Alive - 0 (that's a zero, as in none, nothing, bupkiss, zip, squat, nada)
Dead - 21, all roadkill

Watch this space for further exciting updates!

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You blood sucking parasite!

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...and then I turned to Kate and said "wait a second," pausing as we walked through the car park to the next waterfall, to check out what was making my big toe sore...turned out to be a leech, which was nice!

Now I was tempted to tell you it was one of those big bast**ds you see in the movies (Like Roger Moore burns off his body in one of the Bonds - which one was that?), he was however a tiny little fecka, looked like a spot of mud, but the bleeding took an age to stop!

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Back to Cairns via the Tablelands

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Originally we'd planned to head back to Cairns the way we'd come, at dinner at the hotel in Cairns however the waiter recommended coming back via the Tablelands for some stunning scenery and access to some beautiful waterfalls...he was right!

After spending one night in Atherton (a rather unremarkable town) we headed off onto the waterfall route, a short circuit around 10-15km long which has three waterfalls along it. Both Kate and I commented that we'd never actually seen a waterfall "in the flesh" and so were looking forward to it. On the drive in to the circuit i commented that the falls couldn't be that impressive as the land was pretty flat around us - d'oh!

P1020605.jpg P1020610.jpg P1020616.jpg

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Cape Tribulation

Where the frig are the animals??!!

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Once on the other side of the Daintree river we pull off to our first real tourist attraction, the Daintree Discovery Centre. The centre is set deep in the rainforest has a number of walks, a rainforest tower, taking you 25 metres to the roof of the forest as well as a visitors centre and an audio guide you can listen to as you walk the trails...

The gumphf promised to get us up close and personal with the wildlife of a rainforest... they literally must have just fumigated the whole place when we arrived as we saw nothing! Plenty of bird calls which on retrospect i think may have been played out on speakers cos even they weren't anywhere to be seen! The closest we got to the wildlife was the backend of a white lipped tree frog on the ceiling of the visitors centre...not impressed!

All along the roads of northern Queensland you see signs warning you to take care as Cassories are in the area. This endangured bird is a cross between an ostrich, a turkey and Rod Hull's emu - we think that by endangured they actually mean imaginary cos again we've seen no sign of the buggers!

Our accommodation in Cape Trib was, shall we say rustic, we did manage to see lots of wildlife though most of it whilst either using the toilet or having a shower...take a look at this lovely fella who accompanied me <Mark> for each of my showers.


I make no apologies for the quality of the shot, i was standing some distance away and shaking more than a little. We've taken the view that everything out here is likely to kill you so always best to err on the side of caution ;o)

Whilst basic the camp site is located right on the beach, perfect for spending some time chilling out and basking in the sun...oh wait this is their winter time isn't it...The weather was less than kind to us for our three days. The first day was the best so we ambled along the beaches, took in some boardwalks and lookout points and generally relaxed.


The 2nd day we wanted to take a trip out to the reef (it's one of the closest points to it) in the afternoon, but being their low season and the weather not being great there weren't any running so we booked up for the following morning. That night the heavens opened and didn't stop...trying to sleep in a tin van with raining hammering down is far from easy. Waking at 7am the following morning to prep for the trip we were told it had been cancelled as there seemed little chance of the weather clearing up which was a downer...glad they cancelled it though rather than subjecting us to turbulent unrelenting seas though!

P1020559.jpg P1020571.jpg P1020586.jpg P1020584.jpgP1020581.jpg

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Heading up North

Kurunda and Port Douglas

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Our first foray into the Australian road trip took us a little way north of Cairns to a lovely town in heart of the rainforest, Kurunda. You can get there by scenic railroad, cable car or a looooong windy road up through the mountains with numerous sheer drops at the sides of the road to keep you on your toes. Excellent driving by Mark, I was just concertrating on not getting too car sick!

Kurunda itself is a bit of a tourist destination - the last train back leaves at 15:30 and literally five minutes later the shops are shutting up for the day.

Around the town are a few walks taking in either the river, the rainforest or a combination of the two. We stumbled across the local bat sanctuary for sick, injured or orphaned fruit bats - never thought we'd say it, but the little fellas were damn cute! Furry critters about a foot tall with an amazing wing structure that's similar to the human hand apparently - they also have reasonable sight too, you learn something new every day!


Following on from Kurunda we sped further north to Port Douglas for our first night camping in the van.

We'd prebooked a powered site for one night at the Tropical Breeze Camping and Van park and the place was pretty packed, van's and caravan's pretty much on top of each other. The failities we're pretty good and clean however and it was a very short walk to the beach and into town.

Port Douglas itself is an up and coming town, lots of holiday homes and new developments with the necessary cafes, bars and up market restaurants to boot. It had a really nice feel about the place though, more than one bar had cane toad racing during the week which we'd unfortunately missed...no doubt catch up on some of that later on our travels though!

P1020541.jpg P1020530.jpg

Looking back we wished we'd spent longer in Port Douglas. Come night fall we we're both pretty bushed (yeah, check us out getting the lingo), so cooked up dinner in the camp kitchen and then called it a night.

Next stop the Daintree river and on to Cape Tribulation...

The Daintree village is up more bending roads and we stoped here to have a spot of lunch, we even tried a 'gator wonton! You won't be suprised to hear that it just tastes like pork. Then back down the road to take the chain link ferry across the river to get back onto the main road, this is the only place you can cross via the road and then continue on your journey.

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Doo do do dooo...

do do doooo!

I threatened to do it and i have done! Only gone and bought myself an "Indy" hat...well at least it's a leather rimmed jobbie.

Whilst i look rather dashing in it (if i do say so myself), a hat is almost essential out here as the sun can be relentless.

Kate got herself a fetching one too.

Watch this space for pictures coming soon!

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Apologies for lack of updates

rain 25 °C

It's been a poor show i know!

After 4 day in Cairns itself we headed up the coast to Cape Tribulation which is where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef - absolutely stunning and very remote...the guys don't have mobile phone signals and rather poor internet connections too...the savages!

Anyway, heading back into Cairns to pick up our van...will spend some time providing some updates shortly... watch this space :o)

Love to all

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