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Australia Zoo


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Leaving Matt and Tash's for our next port of call, Brisbane, our route took us past Steve Irwins Australia Zoo - one of the must stop places on our to do list...we weren't disappointed!

As it was school holidays we had the "priveledge" of catching Bindi (Steve's daughter) taking part in the main show - she's something of a celebrity out here with her own DVD's, TV show, clothing line and magazine. Terry, Steve's wife, also ran the main croc show which was pretty good - the croc wasn't that bothered about performing however and after a few pretty amazing feats decided she'd had enough and made her own way back to her pen...hell who was gonna argue with it.

Steve's presence is still everywhere at the park; videos, massive pictures, statues, t-shirts, you name it...the work he'd put in to expand and develop the zoo which had orignially been his parents was amazing and his death certainly hasn't slowed any expansion plans with two rhinos arriving in the near future.

Here are just a few of the 100 odd photo's of the various widelife we managed to get up close to.

Australia_..RICKEY_.jpg Australia_..excited.jpg
Australia_Zoo_-_Koala.jpg Australia_..Koala_2.jpg Australia_..Koala_3.jpg Australia_..the_roo1.jpg Australia_..the_roo.jpg
Australia_..vacancy.jpg Australia_..o_count.jpg Australia_..COSIUM_.jpg Australia_..sowary_.jpg Australia_.._Wombat.jpg Australia_..deadly_.jpg

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Some home comforts

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Leaving Hervey Bay we headed on down to Noosa where we were greeted with 3 odd days of torrential rain - did not make for a nice time to be honest, we remarked that this was supposed to be the "Sunshine Coast" but this had little effect on the weather...

Whilst in Noosa we spent 2 nights with Matt and Tash (Lawton) and their two kids Yasmin and Harvey at their place just out of the centre. Our first spot of home comforts for a while, and after several days pretty much confined to the van, the break from Betsey and a real bed and space to swing a cat was greatly appreciated.

Thanks once again guys for all your hospitality, as promised we'll return the favour if you come visit us in Sydney!

Noosa_-_In_the_clouds1.jpgNoosa_-_Su..g_Point1.jpg Noosa_-_Vi..untains.jpg

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Australian Oddities

The bizarre and the interesting of the Australian way of life.

3. Capsicums are peppers (as in green and red peppers)

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Fraser Island

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Whilst staying in Hervey Bay we decided to take a day trip to Fraser Island - the largest sand island in the world!

The island is only accessible by 4x4 and whilst there is the option to hire your own and go exploring, we decided to go on an organised tour.

Our tour guide Captain Kangaroo as he liked to be called was fantastic, he'd lived on the Island for the past 12 or so years and had some great stories about the place, it's history and various features (for example: The island has several fresh water reserves, it would need to not rain for 80 years for the fresh water to run out). This was our first and probably large organised day tour, the Island itself was stunning, really beautiful, but sharing the views and locations with our tour group and perhaps 3 or 4 others some what spoilt the atmosphere of the place.

Fraser_Isl..the_day.jpg Fraser_Isl..e_beach.jpg Fraser_Isl..ckenzie.jpg Fraser_Isl..p_Wreck1.jpg Fraser_Isl..Wreck_2.jpg Fraser_Isl..i_Creek.jpg Fraser_Isl..ey_home.jpg

  • On the journey back to the boat to take us home 'Cappy' regaled us with tales of the various deadly animals on the Island, the worst of which was the Forest Funnel Web which has 14 different venoms within it and which there is no antidote for - one bite and in 90 minutes you're a gonna..gotta love this country!?

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Town of 1770

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Continuing south we headed for Town of 1770, to call it a town in generous but none-the-less it was a beautiful spot.

Very little to do but explore the beaches and headland sitting hoping to spot a whale or two in the distance (to no avail!)

Intrepid_e..d_Cook_.jpg Low_tide_at_1770.jpg On_one_of_..at_1770.jpg Stunning_b..at_1770.jpg View_from_1770_point.jpg Deserted_b..at_1770.jpg Sunset_at_..harbour.jpg

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Skippy watch

31 days in the country and here are the current Kangaroo sightings:

Alive - 3 (Not including those at the Zoo)
Dead - 31


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Australian Oddities

The bizarre and the interesting of the Australian way of life.

2. Manchester and linen are one and the same. Kate and i kept spotting signs for Manchester in the supermarkets (as in "Tins, toiletries, Manchester" above the aisles). We were preplexed by this seemingly regular gateway to a large English city in each supermarket until my Mum told me that Manchester is the collective term for linen, bedding, towels etc over here...go figure!

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