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Just an hour north of Sydney is a small beach side town called Palm Beach...other than being rather lovely, it's pretty unremarkable... EXPECT for the fact that it's the scene for a lot of the beach scenes from the classic Australian export - Home and Away!

Palm_Beach..mer_bay.jpg Palm_Beach..ill_top.jpg Palm_Beach_-_Lizard.jpg Palm_Beach..rf_club.jpg Palm_Beach..boarder.jpg

No sign of Flathead, Sally or Pippa...but Alf is still very much in charge of the Surf club...

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No not that one...

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Not far from the Hunter Valley is a town called Newcastle, we'd planned to stop here on the way down to Sydney but didn't, so we thought we'd take a look-see on the way back from Hunter...

Newcastle_..to_Spit.jpg Newcastle_-_City_view.jpg Newcastle_..ut_cold.jpg

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Hunter Valley

You're now entering Wine country...

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We'd been in Sydney for a while and decided it was time to get back in the van and spend a few nights out of town seeing the countryside that was around us.

We headed up to the Hunter Valley which is one of Australia's leading wine regions, we picked a COLD weekend and after spending nights in comfy warm beds it seems we'd turned soft as we froze our asses off sleeping in the van!

We visited out of season so there were no grapes on the vine and it was pretty quiet but still really enjoyable and very beautiful.

Hunter_Val..y_vines.jpg Hunter_Val.._Valley.jpg Hunter_Val..rainbow.jpg

Hunter_Val..py_days.jpg Hunter_Val..is_trip.jpg Hunter_Val.._barley.jpg

We'll be heading back here again - hopefully in season!

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Progress in Sydney

We've now been settled in Sydney for quite some time (almost two months), so here's a quick update...

After a couple of nights in a pretty rank campsite we headed into the city to find a backpackers to use as our base whilst we looked for somewhere to live and get our bearings around the city.

The Billabong Gardens, our first backpackers was remarkably pleasant, with our own room and fresh towels everyday. They really helped us out when a booking at another backpackers in Manly let us down later in our stay - thoroughly recommend the place, although when booking i'd recommend asking for a room in the separate house next door to the main block. Nicer rooms and less people sharing the bathrooms and kitchen!

We decided pretty early on that we wanted to live by the beach (why be in Sydney otherwise?!), but were a little underwhelmed with Bondi... a little tired, dated and rough around the edges, plus literally every 2nd accent you hear is British, we may as well have stayed at home! So we settled on Manly, a short ferry ride north of the main city centre, a calmer vibe to the place but still plenty going on with a shed load of cafes, bars and restaurant, and a great beach to boot!

The way Aussies go about renting places is a little strange! But after getting our heads around the process and badgering the hell out of one agent with whom we had two properties we were keen on we we're accepted for a studio flat in a newer block just one street back from the beach!

Sydney_-_O.._Lounge.jpg Sydney_-_O..bedroom.jpg Sydney_-_O..athroom.jpg Sydney_-_O..kitchen.jpg Sydney_-_O..balcony.jpg
(All this could be yours for the same prices as a three bed house with garage and garden in Chandlers Ford!)

We've both loved the traveling, but i must admit there was something nice about unpacking for the first time! That said, both of us simply cannot wait to start traveling again...god knows what we'll be like when we come back from the end of this year!?

Here are just a few of the shots we've taken over the past two months of the usual landmarks... you'll notice a theme of bridge shots! I simply can't pass by the thing without taking another photo of it! Kate's getting pretty sick of it ;o)

Sydney_-_CBD.jpg Sydney_-_M..a_House.jpg Sydney_-_C..ridge_2.jpg Sydney_-_H.._sunset.jpg Sydney_-_H..unset_2.jpg Sydney_-_Opera_House.jpgSydney_-_O..Gardens.jpg Sydney_-_S..e_Rocks.jpg Sydney_-_L..d_birds.jpgSydney_-_T..r_angle.jpgSydney_-_C..and_new.jpg Sydney_-_T.._Bridge.jpg

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Australian Oddities

The bizarre and the interesting of the Australian way of life.

5. They call Burger King Hungry Joes, but a whopper is still a whopper.

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our base for the next few months

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We'd planned a few nights in near by Newcastle, but the scale of sorting our lives out for the next six months in Sydney had slowly been becoming a reality over the past few days so we decided to get into town a bit earlier than planned, get our bearings and start looking for a more permanent base for our time here.

Not surprisingly campsites in central Sydney are non existent - we'd whittled down the nearest available options to three and finally decided upon The Grand Pines to the south of the CBD near Botany Bay.

Next stop is a trip into the city, locate the few job opportunities I've got lined up, arrange a few meetings/interviews and check out the local papers/gumtree et al for some suitable accommodation.

The next stage of our adventure begins!

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Anna Bay

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An impromptu stop in a beautiful part of the coast around two hours north of Sydney. The area is made up of a lot of lakes, inlets and bays all seemingly more beautiful than the last and due to the shape of the bays all a lot further to drive to than first appears!

We stopped for one night at Anna Bay not far Stockton Bight which our trusty lonely planet informs us is the largets moving sand dune in the southern hemisphere. We only got the chance to view it from a distance, but it looked pretty impressive.

This area is on our list to head back to for a long weeked or two whilst living in Sydney.

Anna_Bay_-..g_Prawn.jpg Anna_Bay_-..son_bay.jpg Anna_Bay_-..mp_site.jpg Anna_Bay_-..ighbour.jpg Anna_Bay_-..he_bay_.jpg

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